When Should an Air Conditioner be Tuned Up??


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As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to keep your AC unit in excellent shape is to give it regular tune-ups. That can ward off more serious issues and spare you an emergency call to a Mansfield air conditioning repair service!

But how often should you get a tuneup? How do you know when it’s needed? Read on to get all the answers.

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When to Schedule an AC Tuneup

Most air conditioning units need tune-ups about once a year. Ideally, you get this done before the summer months when your AC has to work overtime. If you have an older unit, though, you may need to increase your tune-ups to twice per year.

Not sure when your last tune-up was? Check the record that should be posted next to the unit. If you can’t tell, or if you’ve just bought a home in Mansfield, call up your local air conditioning service, and they can assess the health of your unit. Remember: you’ll want to make sure it’s ready for those hot summer months!

Why Do you Need an AC tune-Up?

Think of your air conditioning system as a body. There are multiple parts that must all be in good working order for optimal health. IF your AC unit were a person, your local Mansfield air conditioning repair company is its doctor. So, it needs an annual physical to stay in tip-top health — more often if it’s an older system that needs some extra care!

What Happens in an AC Tune-Up?

Your AC repair company will inspect the ducts, coils, filter, electrical connections, and anything else that tends to get dirty or damaged over time. If something is wrong, the techs can usually fix the problem right then and there.
It’s important to note that even an AC system that seems normal could be suffering an issue that makes it less efficient. That ultimately increases your energy consumption and therefore your electricity bill.

Worse, some AC issues become harder to fix the longer they go on. This could lead to expensive repairs or even having to replace your unit — a steep cost!

By scheduling regular tune-ups, you can resolve issues before they become major problems. Plus, you’ll likely save money in the long run.

Signs your AC Unit needs a Tune-Up

While you can usually call your Mansfield air conditioning company in late winter/early spring, sometimes, your AC unit will beg for help sooner. Here are some signs your system needs a doctor:

Odd noises or smells

If your AC is hissing, whistling, buzzing, or banging, something could be knocked loose or the fan could be damaged. That means the system is not running at maximum efficiency.

Similarly, strange smells could indicate moisture buildup, mold, leaking coolant, and other problems. These could present a health risk to your family, so get them checked ASAP!

High energy bills with no change in usage

If your electricity bill has suddenly skyrocketed but you haven’t changed your AC settings, the unit is likely working harder than usual to cool your home. That’s often a sign of malfunction, dirtiness, or both.

Spare yourself from yet more steep bills. Call your Mansfield air conditioning repair company and have them take a look.

The system doesn’t cool, vent, or dehumidify properly

It may be obvious, but if your home never seems cool, you have moisture building up, or you don’t feel any air coming out of the vents, it’s likely a sign that your AC needs a tune-up.

The culprit could be anything: a leaking duct, dirty coils or filters, blocked vents, and so on. You may not be able to identify the problem by simply looking at the filter. A tune-up will not only diagnose problems but also help your AC system run more efficiently.

Your AC is leaking water

An AC system works by refrigerating and condensing water, then circulating it around your home. But if refrigerant levels are low and/or your coils are dirty, you may see liquid dripping from the unit or vents.

Another common issue is a clogged drain line, which normally catches excess condensation. If it’s backed up, you’ll see water pool around the unit.

Either of these issues can lead to higher energy bills and a greater risk of mold and mildew. If you see them, call up your local Mansfield air conditioning repair techs, STAT!

Wrapping Up

Your AC system is a powerful yet delicate appliance that requires regular maintenance. Prevent serious problems and keep your energy bills lower by scheduling annual or biannual tune-ups.

For expert, attentive Air Conditioning Service for your Mansfield home, reach out to Sinclaire Home Services. We’ll give your AC a “physical” plus any other “medicine” it needs!