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Honest and Reliable Heating and Air Repair in Wayland, MA

Our heating and air repair service in Wayland, MA is a team of well-trained, certified and professional specialists who are ready to help you with installing, repairing, maintenance, and even cleaning. Founded by Robert Sinclaire in 1948, Sinclaire Home Services is a family owned and operated company that offers heating and air conditioning, plumbing, home heating and other advanced services in Wayland and the surrounding cities. We are proud to say that we have grown over the years to become a leader in indoor solutions for a comfortable, healthy and efficient living. Whether you need heating and air conditioning services for your home or business, we will make sure that the job is done right, and we provide the most effective solutions to address any concern, big or small, that you may have.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services that include gas fitting, fleet fueling, plumbing services, delivery of home heating oil and premium diesel fuel, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Our heating and cooling services encompass heating and air conditioning installations and repairs, air conditioning tune-ups; furnace, boiler and heat pump tune-ups; installation, repair and maintenance of ductless air conditioning and heating systems as well as geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Effective Solutions for Your Heating and AC Problems

At Sinclaire Home Services, we have a team of highly trained and certified HVAC technicians who specialize in every aspect of heating and air repair and maintenance. With more than 70 years of experience in the business, we have the expertise to handle any repair job that comes our way. We are made up of a team of experts in the design, installation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems, so you can be sure that we are the right choice when you are looking for professional heating and AC services in Wayland, MA.

Our skilled and experienced technicians receive training on a regular basis to stay updated on the latest techniques in the industry. We also use the best equipment available in the market for all the repair and maintenance projects we take on. This allows us to work faster, and provide the top-quality service you are looking for. At Sinclaire Home Services, we use the most advanced technologies, including geothermal energy and on-demand hot water heaters. We take pride in providing our customers not only with the best services but also the best products to take care of the problems they have with their heating and cooling systems.

Call the Experts at Sinclaire Home Services

When you need heating and air repair in Wayland, MA, there is one name you can trust for honest and reliable services – Sinclaire Home Services. We are the experts you need to fix the problems you have. We will provide effective solutions for your heating and cooling systems in your home or business. To find out more or to schedule an appointment, call us at 508-668-8200