Furnace Tune-up

You would never dream of skipping an oil change for your car or truck, then why would you skip a tune-up for you furnace? In fact, minute for minute, a furnace is running far more than you car ever would. Annual tune-ups for your hot air furnace can help prevent malfunctions and unwanted downtimes. Having no heat at midnight in the middle of the winter is never a fun prospect.

At Sinclaire, we have a team of professional HVAC technicians skilled at making sure your furnace is running at optimum performance. Below is a list of items that are inspected, replaced, or cleaned in the course of a furnace tune-up.

Sinclaire also offers maintenance agreements for furnaces which include the annual tune-up, as well as 15% off all service throughout the year, priority service, and access to our emergency technicians.

Please call us to schedule your heating system tune-up today at 508-668-8200.

Maintenance Procedures for Oil Fired Heating Equipment is as follows:
*procedures may not apply to all systems

• Vacuum heat exchanger / fire chamber
• Clean flue pipe
• Clean chimney base
• Cement flue pipe at chimney
• Replace nozzle
• Replace / clean fuel pump strainer
• Replace oil filter
• Check / clean burner fan
• Inspect blower wheel and clean if needed
• Inspect blower motor
• Inspect / replace blower belt
• Inspect / clean blower compartment
• Inspect / test all operating safety controls
• Replace standard 1″ disposable air filter
• Wash permanent filter
• Perform complete efficiency test
• Check system operation
• Inspect all components for corrosion or leaks


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