Furnace Tune Up

You would never dream of skipping an oil change for your car or truck, right? So why would you skip a tune-up for your furnace? In fact, minute by minute, your furnace runs far more than your car does. To help prevent malfunctions and unwanted downtimes, your hot air furnace needs an annual tune-up. That’s the best way to prevent an emergency HVAC breakdown. Having no heat at midnight in the middle of the winter is never a fun prospect, and something that can be easily prevented.

Our tune-up procedures for oil fired heating equipment are as follows:

• Vacuum heat exchanger/fire chamber
• Clean flue pipe
• Clean chimney base
• Cement flue pipe the chimney
• Replace nozzle
• Replace / clean fuel pump strainer
• Replace oil filter
• Check / clean burner fan
• Inspect blower wheel and clean if needed
• Inspect blower motor
• Inspect/replace blower belt
• Inspect / clean blower compartment
• Inspect/test all operating safety controls
• Replace standard 1″ disposable air filter
• Wash permanent filter
• Perform complete efficiency test
• Check system operation
• Inspect all components for corrosion or leaks

The above procedures may not apply to all systems. Please call us today at 508-668-8200 to schedule your heating system tune-up.

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