Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioning, also called a ductless mini-split, is one of the fastest growing technologies in the air conditioning space. They are also gaining in popularity at a remarkable rate.

There was once a time, not long ago, when you had to have ductwork installed all about your house in order to enjoy the benefits of air conditioning. For people who had hot water boilers or people with older, insufficient ductwork, this could be a costly investment. With the advent of ductless mini-splits, homeowners and business owners now have a viable choice.

Ductless air conditioning works very similarly to conventinal air conditioning systems. Both types of air conditioning have an outside unit called a condenser and both types have an indoor unit called an air handler – but therein lies the difference. On a central air conditioning system, the air handler usually resides on top of a furnace or stands alone in the basement or attis of a house. The air handler then blows the cool air around the house via a network of ducts.

With ductless mini-splits, the air handler portion is designed to be a lot smaller, hence the term mini-split. So small, in fact, that the entire unit can be hung unobtrusively on a wall. The cool air doesn’t have to come through a network of ducts in order to reach its target room. The mini-split simply blows cool air right into the room where it is installed. Not only is this convenient, it’s efficient.

Not sold yet? Here’s another bonus. All new models of ductless mini-splits not only provide cooling in the summer, but the also provide heating in the winter. This is a nice little feature, whether you decide to use it as a main source of heat, to supplement your existing heating system, or as an emergency back up in case your primary source of heat fails.

We service and install many makes and models of ductless mini-splits, such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daiken, and LG. –and we always give out free estimates.

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