Heat Pump Tune-ups

Make sure you’re ready for the cold winter months by scheduling an annual tune-up for your heat pump. Not only will a tune-up help prevent unwanted downtimes, but it may actually help extend the lifespan of your equipment. Let’s face it, here in the Northeast, your heating system is working constantly to keep your house warm. That’s a lot of wear and tear. Our technicians are trained to spot possible trouble areas before they become full-fledged problems.

Schedule a tune-up with us today and stay warm all winter long. Call us at 508-668-8200 and we would be glas to assist you.

In addition to annual tune-ups, we offer maintenance agreements on all heat pumps. These maintenance agreements include the annual tune-up, 15% of all service, priority support, and access to our emergency technicians should you ever need them.

Maintenance Procedures for Heat Pumps is as follows:
*procedures may not apply to all systems

• Replace disposable 1″ air filter
• Wash permanent filter
• Drain and clean condensate pan
• Inspect blower motor
• Inspect blower wheel and clean if needed
• Clean and inspect blower compartment
• Inspect indoor coil
• Inspect TXV valve
• Clean condensate pump
• Check control board and electrical connections
• Inspect contactor, capacitors, and relays
• Remove debris from outside unit
• Wash outdoor coil
• Check disconnect
• Check fan blade
• Check compressor connections
• Check refrigerant charge
• Check operation of whole system
• Check temperature differentials
• Inspect outdoor coil for damage
• Check operation of secondary / emergency heat


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