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What is the Sleep Mode on an Air Conditioner? How Useful is It?

Most of us pass the night with fewer hours and lesser quality of sleep than desired.…

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How to Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit?

It’s almost that time of year (if not already) when we are going to rely on…

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How Do You Reset Your AC Control Module?

During the hotter months, your air conditioning system works hard, sometimes to the point that it…

Ac Switches

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How Do You Check an Air Conditioner Fuse?

If you’re dealing with AC issues and you’ve blown a fuse, this guide will help you…

Ac Breaker

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Do You Need to Reset the Breaker for Your AC to Work?

Just like all technology we have come to rely on in our homes, air conditioners have…

How Do You Choose the Perfect Air Conditioning Repair Contractor

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How Do You Choose the Perfect Air Conditioning Repair Contractor?

As long as your contractor understands HVAC, they can fix your AC system, right? Not necessarily!…

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What Mistakes Cause Air Conditioners to Run Less Efficiently?

It's tempting to set your air conditioning unit to your desired temperature and let it be.…

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What are the Guidelines for Buying an Air Conditioner?

If you live anywhere south of 56 degrees North, your air conditioner is a vital component…

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When Should an Air Conditioner be Tuned Up??

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best…

AFUE Ratings

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Confused by Furnace Efficiency Ratings? Here’s What They Really Mean

When the temperatures drop, your heating costs also start to rise. A more efficient furnace helps…