Air Cleaners and Filters

As reported by the US EPA, one of the three basic strategies to improve indoor air quality is the use of air cleaners. We can offer a variety of options and products to adapt to your home or office. Systems can be designed and installed as stand alone units or incorporated into your existing HVAC system which supply filtering efficiencies as high as 99.97% (HEPA). With our wide range of distributors, we can accommodate you with almost any product that’s on the market today.

Most HVAC systems come standard with some kind of filtration, but a filter is only good if it is clean and not clogged. It must be replaced on a consistent basis. How often you replace your air filter really depends on the type of filter you have and environment you live in. During routine maintenance of your HVAC system, we will replace all the air filters for you.

Air Filters range from one inch pleated filters all the way up to hospital-grade microbial filtration. We install both. However, these two extremes are probably not the best fit for most people, that’s why we also install everything in between. Popular brands that we sell and install are Trion Air Bears and Aprilaire filters. Both are a significant upgrade over the stock 1″ air filter.

Not sure what you have or need, don’t worry, just call us and we can guide you in the right direction and give you the options that work best for you.

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