What Causes the Furnace to Sound Like it Popped?


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The last thing you want during a Massachusetts winter is for the heat to go out. Your home and family suffer when this happens, and you have no way to keep your home or interior pipes warm which can lead to further damage to your home. When you’re looking for furnace repair in Bellingham, call Sinclaire Home Services.

How to Know if Your Furnace Need Service

How do you know when your heating system needs repairs? One of the major signs that you need to call for a furnace repair is a banging or popping noise. Your furnace should work silently, and if it doesn’t, you need to have it checked before it becomes an emergency.

Causes of Furnace Popping Noises

A normally functioning furnace will make some noise, but the noises it makes normally sound more like a hum, or a whir.
When that hum becomes a pop, three types of problems could be causing the noise.

  1. Dirty Burners: Dirt and dust can build up on burners which prevents them from lighting correctly and causes gas to build up. This causes a popping sound.
  2. Damaged Air Ducts: Damaged air ducts, especially those made of metal, can also bang because the ducts expand and contract as the blower comes on and goes off.
  3. Your blower motor needs to be repaired.

Ignoring this type of noise can lead to a breakdown of your system, so if you’re hearing noises like this from your heater, or your furnace is simply getting louder, you need to schedule a service call. For heating repair in Bellingham, call Sinclaire Home Services.

Quality Workmanship

A furnace tune-up may also help you with this problem, and we can help with that as well. When you’re looking for a reliable company for heating repair in Canton, you want to work with HVAC professionals who can diagnose and repair your problem easily.

Our experienced technicians have worked on a variety of systems, so they can get your system working correctly. When you’re looking for tune-ups or emergency repair in Milton, make sure you choose a reputable company that has been in business for several years.

Sinclaire Home Services has been family owned and operated for over 70 years, and three generations. Our technicians are experts in all phases of heating and air conditioning systems. We have the latest technology for all areas of our Home Services.

Air Quality

Your furnace can affect the air quality in your home which is important to your family’s health, and it’s critical to make sure you’re not sending additional pollutants into your air. The air within your home can be more polluted than outdoors, so you want to make sure the furnace is not putting out additional pollutants. Having your furnace tuned up or repaired can help you keep your family safe, particularly those who are immunocompromised or have respiratory problems.

Don’t take chances with your home or your family. When your furnace gets loud and makes popping sounds, always schedule a service call. Whether you need a tune up or a repair, only a professional can tell you, so don’t wait until a minor problem becomes a major one.

Sinclaire Home Services can solve your problem quickly and efficiently whether you need a tune up or a repair. We make sure our technicians have what they need to get your system running.