Top 10 Furnace Brands To Buy In 2022


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Let’s face it. Furnaces wear out over time. Some give reliable service for 20 years or more. Others may last fewer than 10 years. Typically, furnaces made by the more reliable brands will give you 10-15 years of solid performance. When it is time to replace your furnace, you want to know what brand of the furnace will last in your home.  To help answer some of your questions about furnace brands, we have put together some helpful information as you move forward toward a new furnace purchase.

While deciding which furnace brand is best for your home, it is important to consider some key aspects of furnace design and function. Some of the main factors which need consideration include energy efficiency, cost of the new furnace, the warranty offered, expected lifespan, and the source of the fuel which is used by the furnace. With the right knowledge and preparation, you can make the best furnace choice for your home. Regardless of your selection, know that you have a reliable service partner in Sinclaire Home Services as you maintain your new furnace. If your existing furnace is giving you trouble, we are the best choice for heating repair in Norfolk. Let us help you determine whether a repair or a replacement is the best option for you.

Based on nearly 75 years of experience working with leading furnace brands, we have assessed the quality and reliability of dozens of furnace manufacturers. After decades of service, we believe the following list comprises the top 10 furnace brands. Each brand manufactures furnaces that provide reliable performance and also help in saving on energy bills.

  • Bryant furnaces – Bryant furnaces have carved a niche for themselves in the furnace industry. The company makes excellent central gas furnaces with very high AFUE ratings of almost 90% or more. The average price of a new furnace is in the range of $2400.
  • Goodman gas furnaces – Goodman gas furnaces have been a leading furnace manufacturer for a long time. The quality and the warranty programs of these furnaces deserve special mention. If you want a good furnace at a good price, these furnaces are great choices.
  • Carrier furnaces – Carrier produces reliable air conditioners as well as furnaces. The company is one of the leading furnace brands offering durable products and excellent warranties.
  • American Standard furnaces–If you are looking for a reliable brand for furnaces, American Standard furnaces match your qualifications. Top notch quality of the products is the reason that the company gets very few repair calls.
  • Daikin furnaces–Daikin offers both heating and cooling products. Along with excellent quality, the company offers highly satisfactory customer care services.
  • Amana gas furnace units–The parent company of Amana gas furnaces is actually Goodman Global. Reliability and high quality is what this brand is all about. However, Amana gas furnaces cost slightly more than Goodman furnaces.
  • Trane furnaces–Trane is considered to be a leadering specialist in heating and cooling. The company has provided heating and furnace services since 1916. Trane gas furnaces come in several models with a range of $1800 – $6000, depending on the model specifications.
  • Lennox furnaces–Lennox is the longest-running American furnace company. Lennox furnaces are available on three different levels. All the models are highly efficient, and the Dave Lennox Signature Collection provides 98.7% efficiency.
  • Ruud furnaces–Ruud is a reliable brand offering quality heating and cooling products. The heating units from the company are durable with high standards. Ruud furnaces come with a strong warranty.
  • York furnaces–York makes compact residential furnace heating units. Known for affordable and high-quality furnaces, York products provide reliable service.

To learn which specific manufacturer and which model is the best fit for your home and your family’s needs, call Sinclaire Home Services at (508) 668-8200. As the number one choice for HVAC repair in Medfield, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through your selection process.