How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Air Conditioning Unit In 2022?


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During the scorching summer days, an air conditioner keeps you cool and comfortable. Some homes have an HVAC system installed that takes care of central heating during winters and central cooling during summers. Others possess stand alone air conditioners installed for cooling. These are mechanical devices that require proper servicing and maintenance at regular intervals for running in good condition. Sometimes, for some issues, air conditioning repair might also be needed. But all appliances and devices have a lifespan, and after that, they refuse to function properly. Even after an expensive AC repair, you might see that some or the other problem crops up. In such a situation, instead of investing money on the old device, it is recommended to invest in an AC replacement. With the installation of a new unit, your repair concerns will be put to rest.

Replacing an Air Conditioning Unit in 2020

Replacing an air conditioning unit is not as simple as it seems. There are many things involved in the process, each of which will add to the cost. When replacing an existing air conditioner, you need to take off the old unit first and dispose it of properly. There will be additional charges for this service. Electrical connections in the home and related items will be checked before the installation of the new unit. Next comes the cost of the new air conditioning unit along with its installation charges. So, many things have to be considered for a successful AC replacement.

We will discuss the approximate costs that will be incurred for the replacement of the air conditioning unit.

  • Standard Costs of Air Conditioning and the Accessories – When installing the new air conditioner unit, some physical parts, like the new copper line from indoor to the outdoor unit, 15-ft water drain pipe (PVC), outdoor pad, evaporator coil, etc., will be included with installation. There might be electrical expenses involving thermostats and multiple circuit breakers. There might be a need for modification in the ductwork depending on the kind of air conditioner and your home’s unique configuration. Last but not least, a condensation line must be installed. Along with these, the cost of the air conditioning unit itself and labor by the technicians will be included.
  • Costs of Ductwork Modification – Since the ductwork requirements vary from one air conditioner unit to another, there might be a need for ductwork modification. If the ductwork is not modified properly, the whole system will prove to be inefficient. Contractors generally charge $200-$500 for these modifications.
  • Electrical Expenses –These expenses might not always be needed. If the electrical line is in good condition and there are no issues in the wiring, there will be no expenses in this segment. However, in many places, electrical modifications have to be done to adapt to the new settings of the AC unit. In such cases, the charges range from $100-$600.
  • AC Unit Costs – When undergoing AC replacement, you need to know about AC unit prices for different capacities. A 2-ton unit starts from $1500 and reaches up to $3000; 3-ton unit begins at $2000 and continues till $4000; while 4-5 ton AC units are in the range of $2500-$8000.

Calculate the total costs to make a budget for replacing the old AC unit and installing a new one. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy service provider who does not overcharge, Sinclaire Home Services is a name you can trust. Call us today at (508) 668-8200 for an obligation-free quote for HVAC installation.