How Long Does It Take For An AC Unit To Reset?


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It can be a cause for concern when you switch on your air conditioner at the start of the warm weather season or after a power outage, only to discover that your unit suddenly won’t power on. However, before panic begins to set in fully, you should take a moment to complete a few troubleshooting steps as there are several reasons that an air conditioning unit may automatically enter into a reset mode, or you may need to reset your unit manually.

This post will walk you through the steps to troubleshoot and reset your air conditioning unit. Each of these different steps should take no more than a few minutes to complete. If successful, your air conditioning unit should be able to restart immediately after completing the resetting process.

If, after completing the troubleshooting and reset tips in this post, your air conditioning unit has still not returned to normal function, there is no need to worry. Depending on your location, a quick search for  ac repair Dover, ac repair Milford,’ or ‘air conditioning repair Franklin’ will lead you straight to Sinclaire Home Services. Our team of highly trained professionals will have your air conditioning restored to normal function as quickly as possible.

Before you call for an AC repair service, let’s look at the most common ways to troubleshoot or reset your air conditioner. 


Locate The Reset Button

Appliances with digital controls, such as your home air conditioning unit, are often prone to electrical discharges that can cause them to fail to restart after an unexpected power surge or loss of power, as can occur during a thunderstorm or other power interruption. Many of these digital controls will have a reset button that allows you to restore function to the digital control unit once sufficient, steady power has been restored. 

Because not all digital appliances are equipped with reset buttons, you will need to consult your user’s manual, do some online research, or do a thorough visual search of your specific air conditioning unit to locate the reset button.

Before resetting your unit using the reset button, you should take a few preliminary steps to ensure that adequate power has been reliably restored to the unit first. Start by checking the home’s other appliances and lights in several rooms to ensure power is flowing throughout your home. If power seems to be fully restored to the home, and you were able to locate a reset button for your specific unit successfully, then this should be your first step in attempting to restart your air conditioner. 

Use The Isolator Switch If Installed

Many air conditioning units are equipped with an isolator switch that is located near the unit itself and acts as a safety switch allowing the air conditioning unit to be completely disconnected from the power source to allow for servicing and maintenance. If your air conditioning unit is equipped with an isolator switch, you may be able to reset the unit and restore function by simply switching the isolator switch off and back on again. 

Reset The Circuit Breakers

Your home’s circuit breakers are designed to protect your home’s major appliances and electrical systems from damage caused by power surges and other electric flow anomalies. Oftentimes, these circuit breakers can get tripped into the neutral or off position when the power is interrupted due to bad weather or some other type of unexpected power outage. In that case, you may need to manually switch the tripped breaker back to the on position to restore power to your air conditioning unit. 

To do this, you will need to locate your home’s main circuit breaker box. If the circuit breakers inside the box are labeled, look for the breaker for the AC unit and switch the breaker off and on again. If the circuit breakers are not clearly labeled, look for any breakers that may be in a neutral or off position, and switch those breakers to the on position. 

If you have tried all of the steps above and your air conditioning unit is still unable to power on, we can help. Sinclaire Home Services professional air conditioning repair technicians can readily diagnose and repair your home air conditioning to restore comfort in your Massachusetts home. We provide air conditioning repair in Franklin, AC repair in Dover, AC repair in Milford, and many of the surrounding areas. Reach out to Sinclaire Home Services today!