How Do You Reset Your AC Control Module?


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During the hotter months, your air conditioning system works hard, sometimes to the point that it shuts down, and shutdowns are most likely on the hottest days when the system is working its hardest.

If your AC system stops working, getting it running again might not require calling an air conditioning service. Sometimes the system just gets overloaded, shutting itself down to protect itself from explosions, fires, and other problems.

When that’s the case, you can often manually reset your AC. So let’s look at some of the ways you might be able to do that.

Resetting Your AC Unit

First, make sure you have an adequate power supply, especially if there’s been a blackout. To test this, just flip on a light switch. The power supply is sufficient if the light comes on at average brightness and doesn’t start dimming or blinking.

What you do next depends on your unit or system.

For Units with a Reset Button

Most AC units have a reset button. It’s a small red button and is explicitly labeled as a reset switch. If you’re not sure where it is or if your unit even has one, check your owner’s manual for whether or not the unit has a reset button and how to locate it if it does. Can’t find the manual or no longer have it? Try searching for that information about your particular unit online.

After locating the reset button, press it and hold it for three seconds. Wait a few seconds and then repeat. If the unit responds with three beeps, then the reset has been successful, and the unit should start running again.

For Units Without a Reset Button

If your unit doesn’t have a reset button, then check for a shut-off panel on it. Shut the unit off, turn the thermostat off as well, and then also turn off the switch in your main electrical panel that controls the AC unit (your circuit breaker panel). This ensures that you have cut off all power to the unit, protecting yourself from the chance of subjecting yourself to an electrical shock. Unplug the AC unit for additional security.

Next, wait for 30 minutes. You don’t want to restart the unit too soon, and while 30 minutes may not always be necessary, it will never be too short a time period to wait. The idea behind this is to let any remaining charge in the system dissipate, and half an hour is enough time for that.

After that 30 minutes, do the following to ensure your safety:

  1. Plug the unit back in but do not turn it back on yet.
  2. Go to the circuit breaker panel and flip the AC unit switch back on.
  3. Make sure that your thermostat is set to where you want it, and then turn the unit itself back on.

While you’re waiting that 30 minutes, you can make good use of the time by checking and cleaning your thermostat’s filter. Dirt, dust, and other particles left in it can impede proper AC functioning after resetting it.

Now your air conditioner system should be running properly again.

Signs That Your AC System Needs Professional Attention

If the above procedures don’t do the trick, there may be a more serious problem that warrants professional servicing. Here are some of the signs that you need to call an expert:

  • The circuit breaker continues popping.
  • You are frequently resetting the system.
  • The system is taking too long to cool the home.
  • The system is not producing cool air at all.
  • The system does not run after being reset.
  • Panels or wiring are open or exposed. This is a severe risk of sparks and fire, and the unit may be too dangerous to work on without proper equipment and training. Call for qualified help immediately.

If you’ve tried resetting your air conditioning unit and still aren’t getting the results you want, contact Sinclaire for Franklin and Dover air conditioner repair. You’ll get experienced technicians who have the know-how and the right tools for the job. In addition, you’ll receive prompt, professional service since we don’t want you to spend one second more than you have to be uncomfortable in your home.

We also provide regular recommended maintenance that reduces the chances of having an AC problem at an inconvenient time. Whether it’s AC maintenance or repairs, Sinclaire is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe and comfortable. Contact us to schedule a service!