How Do You Know If Your Air Conditioner Is Broken or Breaking?


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Like any other mechanical system, an AC system is susceptible to wear and tear and sometimes breaks down. Unfortunately, since you typically only run the AC during hot weather, breakdowns tend to occur at the worst possible times. 

When the system does break down, it’s time to call for a replacement or repair. Whether you need air conditioning repair in Mansfield, AC replacement in Canton, AC service in Newton, or any other service in those locations, you can count on Sinclaire. 

However, seeing the signs of a failing AC system can help you prevent minor problems before they become big ones (and more expensive). Following are some things to look for when looking into the status of your air conditioning system.

A woman confused because her AC doesn't work anymore

Is Warm Air Coming from the Vents? 

If the air coming from your vents feels more like what you’d want in winter, there might be a problem. First, check your thermostat and ensure it’s set at the temperature you want. If it is and you’re not getting the results you expect, there might be a problem with your AC compressor.

Are You Noticing Strange Noises or Smells? 

Rattling and buzzing sounds tell you a tune-up or a part replacement is in order. Strange or unpleasant smells, like dirty socks or musty odors, are signs that bacteria, mold, or blockages may be present. These can create health risks and reduce AC efficiency. You should see to servicing right away if you notice these factors.

Have Your Electrical Bills Increased Recently?

Energy bills always go up in summer and winter, but if you’re seeing an abnormal increase, your system might run inefficiently and even break down. Sometimes a worn-down part is a culprit and an easy fix. Call a trusted AC contractor who can pinpoint the issue.

Is Your AC Unit Leaking? 

Condensation is normal with AC units, but when there’s leaking and/or pooling around them, it is clear that something is wrong. Excessive moisture can also promote mold growth, which can cause expensive structural damage and health problems, especially to people with allergies and respiratory issues.

Does Your AC Unit Run Erratically? 

Given the conditions, if you’ve lived in a home long enough, you have an expectation of how your AC will run. When it’s going on and off more than usual, or if it’s taking more time than expected to get the results you want, you might need a tune-up, repair, or replacement. 

When it comes to service you can trust, Sinclaire leads the way. We’re a Massachusetts-based firm that knows our clientele and promises to keep them safe and comfortable. We can also care for your heating, plumbing, and other electrical needs. 

You have a lot of choices when it comes to AC services, and Sinclaire has led the way for years. We’ll check your system and save you money by doing only the work that’s needed. 

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