Does The Furnace Need To Be On For The Air Conditioner To Work?


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Your furnace and air conditioning systems are both complex parts of your home. These systems perform very different functions, so some homeowners are surprised to learn that they’re connected. Just how closely are these systems related? Your furnace and AC use the same ducts, but they’re independent utilities. Learn more about how your A/C and furnace interact, including whether your furnace needs to be on for your air conditioner to work.

How Do Air Conditioners And Furnaces Work Together?

Your air conditioner and furnace are both parts of your HVAC system, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. When it comes to air conditioning service, Mansfield homeowners normally use their A/C during the warm summer months. You probably turn the heater on when autumn temperatures start to drop and use it until spring arrives. These systems perform opposite functions, either cooling or warming your home, but they both use your HVAC’s vents and ducts to move air throughout your home.

The Difference Between Forced Air And Central Air

The parts of your HVAC system work differently depending on how they send air moves throughout your home. Forced air systems move air around your home using ducts and vents. Your furnace is a forced air system. These designs raise your home’s temperature by spreading warm air throughout the house.

Central air systems, on the other hand, use closed loops to send cool air into your house. As we’ve seen over the years, most local homes use central air conditioning. A central air system has a variety of components like condensers, compressors, fans, and evaporator coils. These elements perform a few functions at the same time. Your AC system draws hot air out of your home to release the indoor heat. It also pulls outdoor air, refrigerates it, and circulates this cold air back throughout your house. Many homes in America have this type of AC system.

Furnaces And Air Conditioners Are Different Systems

Your furnace and air conditioner are stand-alone components of your HVAC system. Both your furnace and your AC use ducts and vents to circulate air throughout your home. These systems are tied together because they use the same infrastructure. However, they still operate independently of each other.

Does the furnace need to be on for the AC to work? No! Your air conditioner should run on its own, even when the furnace is off. The reverse is also true. Your furnace should be able to work without turning on the air conditioner. These systems aren’t designed to overlap.

As we like to tell our furnace repair Norwood clients, you can think of your furnace and air conditioner as two stores, side by side on the same street. Both shops use the road to make deliveries, but they’re still independent companies. One store can be open even when the other is closed. The same is true for your furnace and air conditioner. These systems use the same vents, but they’re not dependent on each other aside from that. If you find yourself running both systems at the same time to get air moving, that’s a sign of major problems.

Solve Your Furnace Or Air Conditioner Problems

Your furnace and air conditioner should operate independently of each other. If you notice poor performance from either system, it’s time to call Sinclaire Home Services. Our expert technicians are trained to solve the most complicated situations. Your furnace and AC both use the same ducts, so trouble with your vents could lead to problems for either system. It’s important to work with experienced professionals when you’re having HVAC issues. We’re ready to find, identify, and solve any heating or cooling problem. Contact Sinclaire Home Services today for speedy, reliable Massachusetts HVAC repair.