Do Gas Furnaces Require Annual/Routine Maintenance?


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Like many homeowners living in cold climate regions, you may have invested in a gas furnace. However, you may be unsure about opting for an annual tune-up or maintenance service. If you have skepticism about its necessity, just think about your yearly health checkup. Why do you visit the doctor even when you do not have any emergency or apparent health issues? Your annual health checkup reveals underlying conditions and risk of health complications. The same logic is applicable for a yearly tune-up of your gas furnace. A yearly HVAC or furnace checkup is going to identify current minor issues and save you from future complications and additional repair costs.

The Maintenance Frequency

For most people, opting for an annual furnace checkup should suffice. However, you may desire two such checkups per year if your furnace is quite old. Additional checks may also be necessary when you live in areas with long spells of winter and plenty of snowfall.

What Can You Expect in Such Annual Tune-up Services?

There are agencies offering furnace repair and maintenance services exclusively. Some also offer comprehensive HVAC system services. Typically an annual furnace tune-up package comprises of:

  • Checkup for any gas leakage
  • Checkup for any corrosion and rust formation
  • A complete filter evaluation
  • Checkup of the motor and blower wheel
  • Flame sensors and burner evaluation

The Benefits of Opting for Annual Furnace and HVAC Tune-up

  • Health Risk Safeguard – If you do not get your furnace checked periodically, you expose yourself and others in the household to risk. The parts and fixtures in the furnace may get clogged and affected by debris. When this continues unchecked, the result can be carbon monoxide leaks. This killer gas is invisible and has no smell. By getting your furnace checked every year, you can prevent this from happening.
  • Cost-saving – Compared to the money required to repair or replace a furnace, the yearly service cost is not significant. In fact, when you sign up for the services of an agency offering HVAC and heating repair services, they may offer you discounts on renewal the next
  • No Hassles – Just imagine how harrowing it would feel if the gas furnace at your house stops working in the middle of a chilling winter night! It could be worse if the holiday season is in progress. Finding an agency to repair it will be tedious. A yearly maintenance check will give you the assurance that your system is prepared for the months of winter and save you from such unforeseen hassles.

Finding the Right Agency for HVAC or Furnace Tune-up

There are many agencies that offer HVAC and furnace maintenance and repair services these days, but you want to choose the one you can count on. You should pick an agency that is clear on documentation and service terms. Professional agencies will explain their package content, and they do not slap any hidden costs on the customers. They may offer service package options, but based on situations, customization may also be possible.

If you do not have much time for assessing these agencies, go for Sinclaire Home Services, and secure excellent HVAC and furnace services at a reasonable price.