Can Not Changing Your Furnace Filter Make You Sick?


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This time of the year, you have many things going on in your mind like picking out Christmas trees and ornaments, sending out cards, and shopping for gifts. The last thing you’re likely to think of is swapping out your furnace filter. Getting your filter changed by a reputable company that deals with furnace repair in Norfolk can really make a huge difference in your home’s air quality. Don’t let a dirty air filter ruin your holiday. Listed below are reasons why you must replace furnace filters regularly.

Save Money on Energy Costs: Your HVAC system runs all day and night. However, when your furnace filters are dirty and clogged, dirty air collects and settles throughout your system. The particles of dust in your system will absorb energy as they heat and cool, energy that should have been warming or cooling air, not dust.  This wasted energy tends to increase the run time of your unit, changing the actual temperature in your home very slowly.

Pro tip: Another smart way to bring down your energy bills is to ask a heating repair in Norwood about installing a smart thermostat. This smart device can track how often you change out air filters and remind you to replace it via a phone notification. Thermostats also offer several energy-saving features, such as scheduling service reminders.

Increase the Longevity of Your HVAC Unit: All the air in your house cycles through your HVAC unit multiple times every day. HVAC components are manufactured and engineered to run for at least 15 years. However, with constant use, it is likely that airborne particles will settle on different surfaces of the unit such as the heating and cooling coils. The longer these particles remain inside the unit, the more likely they are to build-up on other electrical and mechanical components. It is, therefore, important to get your HVAC unit cleaned out regularly, including the furnace filters, to increase its longevity and efficiency.

Cooling and Heating Takes Longer With an Old Air Filter: Your HVAC unit is one of the only ways of circulating air inside your home. When the air filters get loaded, the ability for air to pass as designed through the duct system is reduced. This is why some rooms tend to be warmer while other coolers. A clogged furnace filter can make things worse and obstruct airflow. Thus, rooms farther away from the furnace unit may stay cold during winter, while other rooms may enjoy better airflow. Yet, another reason why it is in your best interest to change out your furnace filters when they begin to get clogged.

Air Becomes Stagnant: When filters get clogged, air doesn’t move. This leads to stagnation of the same air throughout your house. Dust, moisture, odors, and other particles also will stagnate and can often cause allergies. According to HVAC experts, poor airflow can cause the color of walls and furniture to change over time. If you live along the coast or in other areas that have more moisture content in the air, poor airflow can also lead to mold and mildew which will not just make you sick but is also expensive to remove.

Indoor Air Quality Deteriorates: If your furnace filter is old and is obstructing airflow, the indoor air quality in your house will begin to deteriorate. A clogged filter is not just bad news for energy costs but also for the health of your family. Old filters circulate poor quality air indoors. This means you and your family are forced to inhale air filled with allergens. This can lead to various health issues that range from watery eyes to sneezing to asthma and several other long-term respiratory complications. However, if you remember to change out filters, you will not only increase your savings on energy costs but also help safeguard the health of your family! A simple way to remind yourself to change out furnace filters is to shop online. With some major filter providers, you can set up an auto-renewal option that will ship out the filters to your home on a set delivery schedule.

How Often Should You Have Your HVAC Unit Inspected?

Most experts suggest scheduling an HVAC inspection at least once a year. Doing so will save you from spending several hundred dollars on expensive repairs. HVAC repair is complex and expensive. Servicing it from time to time will ensure it runs optimally and efficiently. An HVAC unit has numerous moving parts that may fail if not taken care of. This is why it is important to have these parts serviced and inspected periodically. It is also important to remember that the ventilation ductwork needs to be inspected regularly for rusting, gaps, and cracks. Not doing so can lead to an expensive repair. However, accessing your equipment and knowing what to look for can be a time-consuming task, you may prefer to call in the professionals.

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