Walpole, MA

Main_Street_looking_south,_Walpole_MAWalpole, Massachusetts is officially the home town of Sinclaire Enterprises, formerly known as Sinclaire Oil and Heating. It is also where our main headquarters is currently located.

We are a family owned and operated company of HVAC contractors, and provide the residents of Walpole with furnace installations, boiler installations, air conditioner installations (both central air installations and ductless mini-split installations), heat pump installations, and water heater installations. We have a highly trained staff of in-house of service technicians and installers who follow all industries best practices.

We also deliver home heating oil to Walpole residents, as well as offer heating oil related services, such as oil tank installations, furnace repairs, oil line upgrades, and oil burner repairs. All of our oil burner technicians are fully licensed and have years of experience.

If you’re looking for a Walpole heating and cooling contractor, you’ve come tot he right place.



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We offer around-the-clock heating services for Massachusettes residents.

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