How to Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit?


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It’s almost that time of year (if not already) when we are going to rely on our air conditioning unit to keep us cool and comfortable. For air conditioning repair in Newton, Bellingham, and Norfolk, you already know that Sinclaire is the best name around. But what can you do in situations where your A/C unit simply needs a quick reset?

Read on further to find out how to safely reset your air conditioning unit when it needs it. For all other needs, contact Sinclaire Home Services, and we’ll get your home cool and comfortable once again.

While our air conditioning systems work great (or as best they can!) every year around this time, they may experience efficiency or functional problems. When cooling issues occur, many homes or business owners choose to reset their air conditioners as a first solution for getting them to work properly again. However, since most AC unit models and their ages differ, knowing how to reset them isn’t always a uniform or straightforward process.

Think of A/C units like cars. They have their own unique personalities due to parts, how they were manufactured, their size, and how old they are.

Luckily, resetting an AC unit typically takes a few simple steps that generally can be applied across the board.

Air Conditioner Producing Cool Air

Step 1 – Turn the whole unit off.

Sounds simple enough, right? The first step is to power down the air conditioner. Start by ensuring the thermostat is in the “off” position. After this, turn off your air conditioner, typically by finding the shutoff switch on your AC unit. It should be stressed that shutting off your A/C unit is a crucial safety measure that you must always follow. If you skip this step, an electrical shock or other problems could occur.

Step 2 – Locate the Circuit Breaker.

Your next step is to find the circuit breaker box for your air conditioner system. This box is usually located in a basement, closet, crawl space, or on the side of your home. Look for a mounted metal box! Once you’ve located it, turn off the switch that is connected to your A/C unit. Before you do this, let everyone else in the house know that you’re resetting the breakers.

Step 3 – Wait…

Once you’ve turned the switch off that runs to your AC unit from the circuit breaker, wait for a minimum of 1 minute (or longer if you can).

Step 4 – Power “On”

After the time is up, flip the switch back to “on.” Now, wait an additional minute, and give the unit the necessary time to power itself back up adequately. After this second-time amount is up, go back to the thermostat and turn the A/C unit back on from there.

Step 5 – Check to see if it’s working.

Give the thermostat a few minutes to re-adjust and start up again after you set your desired temperature. If cool, consistent air starts to blow from the vents, this is all the confirmation you need that the process has been a success.

Got a Reset Button?

Some more modern units have a dedicated reset button that does this whole process for you. It’s likely going to be located on your outdoor unit and will be a large, red button – you can’t miss it. Simply push this button does this whole process for you automatically.

Warning signs – Do not attempt reset!

In the event of an emergency where your breaker is constantly tripping, the breaker panel is exposed, or wires are exposed at the breaker, do not attempt any of these reset processes yourself and consult a professional. Furthermore, if the manual reset process makes you uncomfortable, a professional will be more than willing to perform it for you. There’s no shame in asking!

When it comes to situations like this, or you need air conditioning repair in Newton, Norfolk, or Bellingham, Sinclaire is the name to trust. We are the premier air conditioning installation experts in the area and will be there to help when disaster strikes.

Call Sinclaire Home Services today for all your air conditioning needs!