How to Know If Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing?


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Air conditioners are a boon during summers. No wonder, more and more homeowners are installing HVAC systems in their houses. But just installing the unit will not do. To ensure that the machine runs smoothly and provides optimal performance, the air conditioner must be maintained and serviced at regular intervals. Evaluation of the AC is important, even if there are no problems with it, so that chances of air conditioning repair are minimized. It has been seen that HVAC units that are serviced regularly rarely need AC repair as the problems are sorted right in the beginning.

One of the best things about air conditioners is that they signal that they need servicing and maintenance. It is important to understand these indications and not ignore them. If ignored and neglected, they will make way for extremely expensive air conditioning repair in Attleboro. Some expensive components might also need replacement. Mentioned below are some indications which the air conditioner gives when it needs servicing:

  • Moisture Depositions–If you see lots of moisture all around your AC unit, it can be a sign of major problems. Generally, this happens when there is leakage of the refrigerant. If you notice any kinds of wet spots, leaks or drips, it is recommended to seek professional advice. The leaks have to be repaired and the moisture accumulation has to be handled so that the unit functions optimally.
  • Less Cooling Due to Restricted Airflow–This is one of the most common problems when the air conditioner does not cool adequately, or the cool air does not circulate properly throughout the room. This mainly happens if the air filters are very dirty or if there is an issue of blocked ductwork. During servicing, the air filters are either cleaned or changed, and the ductwork is also checked so that airflow is not hampered in any manner.
  • Odd Smell from the Air Conditioner–Though this problem is not much reported, there have been cases where odd smell emanated from the air conditioner system. Ideally, the air conditioner should not produce any smell. Its function is dehumidifying and cooling the room. If ‘smoky’ smell comes from the system, immediately shut it down and call a professional offering air conditioning servicing facility. Get the machine checked thoroughly.
  • Strange Sounds–A properly working air conditioner will be sound-free. If you hear any hissing, popping, rattling, squeaking or grinding sound from the machine, it means that the device needs inspection and servicing. The sound might not be due to any significant issue, but it is always good to get it inspected as soon as possible before it turns into something serious. A professional will be able to find the source of the sound and repair the same.
  • Huge Energy Bills–Energy bills tend to rise during the summer months. But if the rise in the amount is astronomical, blame your air conditioner for the same. Without proper servicing of the machine, energy bills will rise, and cooling will also be significantly affected.

Before it is too late, get your AC serviced and continue the practice for good health of the machine. Sinclaire Home Services is a reliable HVAC service provider to fix any heating and cooling issues that you may be facing. Contact us today at (508) 668-8200 for more details.