How Can You Make Your Air Conditioner Cool Faster?


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When hot summer days roll around, there are few things more inconvenient and bothersome than an air conditioning unit that does not properly cool the home. It can be tempting to leave an AC running all day, but that is impractical and costly. Efficient AC units will have the capability to keep a house at a comfortable temperature without working too hard nor wasting electricity. Besides seeking out air conditioning services, Franklin homeowners should be well-informed of the many tips and tricks to incorporate that will ensure the peak efficiency of their air conditioning units.

Habits Around The Home

Houses bake in the sun all day. It can be hard for an air conditioner to keep up with cooling a home while the sun’s rays are simultaneously beating down on the house. Thankfully, there are plenty of cooling methods for homeowners to practice that will increase airflow in the home and lend the AC a helping hand in cooling the air. Proper airflow will create more enjoyable workspaces, prevent stuffy, sleepless nights, and increase overall comfort while hanging out at home.

Utilize Ceiling Fans

Though it may seem counterproductive with decreasing electrical costs, utilizing ceiling fans will promote air circulation in the home and help the air conditioner decide how and when to run. By promoting airflow with fans, the air will stay at an even temperature throughout the home and the AC will not have to power on and off too frequently, which lowers efficiency.

A less commonly known trick with ceiling fans is to change the rotation during different seasons. Run ceiling fans counterclockwise in the summer in order to push cooler air down and keep a consistent temperature for the AC to work with. Check the ceiling fan manual if assistance is needed switching the blade rotation.

Use a Dehumidifier

In addition to ceiling fans, dehumidifiers are another household appliance that will promote air circulation in the home. Air conditioners not only generate cooler air, but they also remove moisture from the air which makes it feel cooler. Dehumidifiers are great partners for air conditioners since they both work to remove moisture-laden air. The dehumidifier will create dry air and therefore reduce work for the AC unit as it works to cool the air.

Cover Windows

Although letting the natural light in will reduce lighting costs, the hot sun will create more work for the air conditioner which will increase overall electrical costs. Keep the home shaded by drawing the curtains and shutting the blinds during the day. This will prevent the sun’s rays from increasing indoor temperatures and close in the cool air. This is especially helpful first thing in the morning in order to trap the cooler night air inside. Open windows at night in order to let the hot air out and the cool air in.

Pay attention to which windows are facing east or west. As the sun gradually rises and sets, you can regulate air circulation and adjust which windows are open or closed throughout the day.

Unused Rooms

Unused rooms can steal cool air that would be better appreciated elsewhere in the home. By closing doors and ensuring windows are sealed and covered in unused rooms, cool air can be directed in more utilized areas. Be careful not to waste air conditioner efficiency on rooms that do not need to be cool.

Don’t Touch the Thermostat

It can be tempting to turn the thermostat up or down depending on if someone is home or not. This habit decreases air conditioner efficiency. 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended temperature at which to keep thermostats during the summer. No matter the thermostat setting, an air conditioner will cool at the same rate. Setting the thermostat at 70 degrees will not lower the air temperature to 78 degrees faster than leaving it set at 78 degrees. Programmable thermostats allow for automatic temperature adjustments that can be set for the times of day when you are home or away. This is helpful for ensuring the home is at a pleasant temperature by the time you return home. Thermostat placement also plays a role in AC efficiency. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as this will alter the true temperature of the home.

Decrease Use of Hot Appliances

Try to avoid using heat-producing appliances during the hottest parts of the day. Dryers and ovens especially will emanate a surprising amount of heat and put extra strain on the air conditioner as it tries to cool the hot air from the appliances. Instead of a dryer, clothes drying rack or clothesline can be used. If using the oven is necessary, be sure to turn on the vent or exhaust fan and create a cross breeze with a floor fan to push the hot air outside. Hot days also give the opportunity to explore yummy no-bake recipes. Dishwashers are another culprit of releasing hot air in the home. Hand wash dishes instead or wait until the evening to run the dishwasher.

Air Conditioner Placement

It is recommended that central air conditioner units are placed on the north side of homes to keep them out of direct sunlight. Though this is not always practical, there are ways to ensure an air conditioner is shaded wherever it is located. Landscaping not only looks nice and adds value to a home but it can also be utilized to protect an air conditioner unit from too much sun exposure. Shrubs and trees can be planted around an outdoor air conditioner to help keep it cool as it works hard to keep the entire house cool. It would be prudent to consult an AC technician or professional landscaper for advice on the placement of plants around the AC unit. Be careful not to block crucial access panels and other areas that might need to be serviced in the future. At least 2-3 feet of space should be kept between the AC unit and plants or other objects.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance is crucial for ensuring that the unit is performing at peak efficiency. Preventative care with a professional technician should be regularly scheduled in order to keep an air conditioner free of issues that decrease efficiency.

Air conditioning services in Franklin include checking the thermostat controls and settings, testing and tightening electrical connections, lubricating motor parts, cleaning drain lines and other tubes, inspecting and changing the air filters if necessary, examining refrigerant levels, and tuning up many other aspects of an air conditioner unit.

Other than increasing overall AC efficiency, annual air conditioner repairs and inspections will prevent expensive fixes by catching small problems in advance, ensure proper operation and safety, reduce electric bills, and expand the lifetime of the air conditioner unit.

Other Tips for Staying Cool

Save manual labor tasks for the early morning or after sunset when the heat is less intense. Doing chores during the hottest hours of the day can be uncomfortable and frustrating.

Since hot air rises, hanging out on the lower floors of the home can be more pleasant than upstairs. Remote workers can stay more comfortable while working from home if their office is set up at ground-level, or even better yet, the basement.

In the same way that working in the lower levels of the home can be more comfortable, the lower levels can also offer a more enjoyable place to sleep. Nighttime provides the best chance to give your AC a break; however, hot and stuffy nights can be frustrating. Besides sleeping at a lower level, purchasing a cooling pillow, sleeping with a chilled or frozen water bottle near your feet, and using 100 percent cotton sheets are other ways to sleep cool and comfortable.

Lights give off heat. Although it may seem insignificant, the practice of turning off unused lights will help keep the home cool. The heat produced from the many lights in a home adds up even when it may not be noticeable.

A high-quality air conditioner is a big investment. By utilizing air conditioning services as well as being aware of the many ways to help their AC units cool the home faster and more efficiently, Franklin homeowners can better control the airflow and temperature to create a more comfortable, pleasant home during the hot summer months