How Can You Cool Your House Without a Central Air Conditioner?


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Central AC has become the norm for many homes around the U.S. However, it is hardly the only method. Central AC units tend to be very energy-intensive — yet they aren’t always efficient.

It’s worth considering other methods for cooling your home. The right choice of AC unit, combined with certain home-care practices, can give you a comfortable indoor temperature plus greater energy efficiency.

Read on to learn the basics of air conditioning without central AC and when to call up air conditioning installation help in Norfolk or Franklin.

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Best Practices for Comfortable Indoor Temperatures

Use Lots of Fans

Fans create a cooling breeze, but that’s not their only benefit. They also improve your home’s circulation, helping push warm air up and out. You will want to position fans near windows to draw in cool air. If air rises, you’ll want to open an upper-level window or chimney to release it.

For an even better chilling effect, put a box fan in a window where the wind blows. Open a window on the opposite of the room. The cross-breeze can feel even better than AC.

Also, make sure your ceiling fans are set to spin counterclockwise. This draws up warm hair, helping it vent outdoors while the cooler air stays near the seating level.

Block Out Sunlight

Natural light is pleasant until it’s not. When sunlight pours through your windows, it can instantly heat up the room.

Invest in blackout shades or thick blinds to keep your rooms shaded. You can always open them during the times of day when the sun’s rays are not directly hitting the window.

If you find that curtains or blinds make your home too dark, try window film to deflect UV radiation, this lets in sunlight without making the room too warm.

Reduce Humidity

Humidity makes the air feel warmer than it is. Reducing the dew point can increase comfort without necessarily lowering the thermostat. Invest in a good dehumidifier to decrease humidity. These devices remove excess water vapor, which can also help prevent the spread of microbes and allergens.

Turn Off Lights and Electronics

Lightbulbs and electronic devices generate a lot of heat. Switching from incandescent to LED bulbs can help, but lamps, computers, TVs, etc, can make an area warmer. Collectively, they can significantly raise a room’s temperature!

Turn off any lamps or devices when not in use to help keep your home cool. Computers and gaming systems still produce heat when in idle mode. Plug these electronics into a power strip, then switch it off when not in use.

Keep Your HVAC System in Good Shape

No matter what type of AC you have (if any), it’s essential to maintain it. Clogged ducts and dirty filters impede airflow, leaving your home feeling warm and stuffy. Take note of any “hot spots” indicating blocked vents or poor circulation.

If you experience issues with your AC unit or ventilation, call up air conditioning repair in Franklin and Norfolk. Preventative care is the best kind of care!

Best Alternatives to Central AC

A Portable AC Unit

No central AC? With a portable air conditioner, that’s no problem. The chilly version of space heaters, these simple devices can cool down any room. Many models double as dehumidifiers for extra comfort. Simply turn them on as needed. They’re an excellent option for homes that don’t have many windows or vents.

A Window Air Conditioner

Central AC takes a lot of energy to cool an entire home, but if your house or apartment is small, it might be overkill. Window AC units draw in and chill the air when you need it, and many units are powerful enough to cool down a large room.

Try this option if your house has decent circulation and/or small square footage.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Also called mini-split AC, this system comprises an outdoor hub to draw in air, plus several indoor units. Rather than ducts, the cool air travels among tubes to each indoor unit. This is a more efficient, customizable AC setup. You can even turn off rooms that aren’t in use, saving money on your electricity bill.

Want to invest in one of these options? A professional air conditioning installation company can make your Norfolk or Franklin home more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Conclusion: There Are Many Ways to Cool Your Home Without Central AC

Central AC can help cool your indoor air to a comfortable temperature. However, it’s not the only solution. And if your home is bathed in sunlight or has poor circulation, central AC may not work efficiently.

Ultimately, cooling your home depends on several factors such as good airflow and low humidity; both of which you can achieve without central AC. Even if you have a central unit, fans, dehumidifiers, and sun-blocking shades can help your system work more efficiently.

Alternatively, consider portable or energy-efficient AC options such as window units or split systems. Call your local air conditioning installation in Franklin or Norfolk to discuss your options. Plus, ensure you’re staying on top of HVAC repair and maintenance to maximize your comfort.

For Franklin and Norfolk AC installation, reach out to Sinclaire. We can optimize or repair your system, helping you achieve nice cool temperatures in your home. We also perform annual maintenance to fix problems before they become major issues. Schedule with us today!