5 Benefits of Having an Efficient HVAC System


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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, commonly called HVAC systems, are essential in any home because they keep you and your family comfortable on the hottest and coldest days and nights of the year. 

HVAC systems also consume more energy than any other system in your home. While no one has ever complained about an energy bill being too low, plenty of people have complained about an energy bill being too high. One of the biggest reasons for high energy bills is inefficient HVAC systems.

But comfort and lower energy bills are not all that efficient HVAC systems deliver as benefits. So let’s look at five key benefits of an efficient HVAC system and how the system provides those benefits.

More Comfort

Better comfort is the first and foremost benefit of an efficient HVAC system. Have you ever experienced a home where different rooms seem to differ substantially when it comes to the temperatures in them? When this is the case after ruling out external factors such as open windows, lots of sun or lots of shade, poorly functioning insulation, etc., then it’s probably due to an inefficient HVAC system. An inefficient system may also fail to get the home to the programmed temperature.

Newer, more efficient HVAC systems are better at cooling and heating. They also provide better airflow and humidity control. When a home is too humid, people can sweat, be clammy, have trouble sleeping, and more. In a house with too much dry air, people can experience dry skin, itching, etc.

Lower Energy Bills, Longer Lifespan, and Increased Resale Values

When an HVAC system isn’t running efficiently, it will run longer, switch on and off more frequently, work harder to produce the desired results, and possibly come up short when it comes to delivering those results. While all these contribute to discomfort, they also require more energy, leading to higher energy bills. A more efficient HVAC system, then, requires less energy to do what you need, which means you’ll spend less on your energy bills.

Having to work less long, less frequently, and as hard also means an efficient HVAC system will last longer. Since HVAC systems aren’t cheap, that’s a massive plus for any homeowner.

Finally, suppose you’re selling your home. In that case, a newer, efficient HVAC system will appeal to prospective buyers for all the reasons we’ve already covered. While many look forward to renovating or remodeling bathrooms and kitchens when buying a home, nobody looks forward to dealing with lousy paint or replacing an old, inefficient HVAC system. People expect things like that to be in good shape when they move in. When they are, they’re less likely to make a lower offer to compensate for repair or replacement costs, so the house sells for more and attracts more potential buyers.

Less Noise

As HVAC systems age, they produce more noises as they start and run, and louder noises at that. If you’ve never experienced a furnace rattling away all night, ask someone who has; you likely won’t want to experience the same yourself. Noise can also signify parts wearing and failing as they age.

Newer, more efficient HVAC systems produce less noise by being more efficient. Still, they also have sound-absorbing materials that reduce your awareness of what noises they create. (The only purely noise-free HVAC system isn’t working, and no one wants that!)

Your modern HVAC system will help ensure that you are feeling the effects of the system, not hearing them, and you’ll be happier and more restful for it.

Healthier Results

If the idea that an efficient HVAC system suits people’s health raises your eyebrows, give us a chance to explain. No, a properly functioning HVAC system won’t make you eat a better diet or get more exercise. Instead, better airflow and humidity control will help your body relax and rest, which is especially important at night when your body needs quality sleep to reset and recharge.

However, the health benefits go beyond that. Your HVAC system and its filters improve the interior air quality by removing dust, dirt, allergens, and other irritants from the air you and everyone else in the house breathe. That’s good for everyone, but it’s perfect for people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions.

Environmentally Friendly

Modern HVAC systems use less energy, which means less impact on the environment and more conservation of resources. In addition to using less energy due to newer technology, they also do so through automated programming. For instance, during the winter, you can set your thermostat to a specific temperature when everyone’s home and active. Still, you can also program it to run at a lower temperature during the day when people are out or at night when everyone’s asleep under blankets. 

You can take advantage of this if your family is away from home for an extended time, such as a vacation. For example, let’s say you want to enjoy a temporary escape from the Massachusetts winter with a getaway to the sunny beaches of Florida, you can set your heating system to keep the house warm enough so that you don’t have to worry about frozen pipes, etc. while not running as high as it would when you’re home. With many modern systems, you can program them to kick back up on the day you return so that the house is comfortable when you walk back in. 


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