When Is the Best Time To Replace an HVAC System?


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Properly cared for with yearly maintenance and timely HVAC repairs, an HVAC system should last for years; 15 years or so is typical. As durable as these systems are, though, there does come a time that they need replacement. Knowing when that time has come can save you some money and discomfort.

The most obvious time for replacing an HVAC system is when it completely breaks down. No one can fail to notice that. However, what if your system is still running but you suspect it might need replacing soon? What are the signs you should be watching for?

If you are seeing any of the following, then it might be time to find a Newton HVAC service like Sinclaire Home Services, based in Walpole and serving homeowners in the greater Boston area since 1948.

1. Your System Is 15+ Years Old

The #1 reason for replacing an HVAC unit is its age. When a unit reaches about 15 years in age, it’s likely to start developing problems like refrigerant leaks or a bad compressor. The problems that develop might start as small ones, but they’re typically a sign of more problems to come or those small problems becoming bigger ones.

2. Repairs Are More Frequent And Are Costing You More

Many people try to get the most value out of a car by keeping it as long as possible until it just won’t run anymore. That’s understandable since cars aren’t cheap, but there can come to a point when paying for repairs and new parts is costing you more and returning less value than if you just bought a newer car.

It works that way with an HVAC system, too. If you’re paying to repair recurring problems or a new one pops up shortly after you take care of the previous one, you might have reached the point that investing your money in a new unit instead is a much better use of that money. Your new, more efficient unit will also be more reliable, a convenience you’ll appreciate in hot and cold weather when you really don’t want your HVAC system to break down.

3. Energy Bills Are Suddenly Higher

If all of a sudden, your energy bills are noticeably higher than normal for the time of year, and rates or usage patterns haven’t changed, your unit might be running less efficiently than it used to. For a unit that isn’t that old, maybe some routine maintenance or a small repair is all you need. However, if it’s an older unit or if you pay for repairs and the bills are still higher than usual, this is a problem that probably isn’t going to go away. Age or some other factor is making the system run longer and harder to achieve the same results, and you might not even be getting those results at all. In this case, it’s time for a new unit, which will perform better and more efficiently, keeping you more comfortable and saving you money on energy bills.

4. You Want a Newer, More Efficient System

Even if your older unit is running well, you might still want to switch it out for a newer unit. As we already mentioned, a newer, more efficient unit will save you money on power bills, but it’s also the case that newer units use less energy, so if you want to reduce your ecological footprint when it comes to the usage of energy resources, getting a newer unit installed can help you do that.

5. You’re Already Replacing Either the Furnace or the AC Unit

If you’re already planning to replace either your furnace or AC unit, you might want to replace the other at the same time. Usually, these units are installed at the same time or close to one another, so if one is ready for replacement, chances are the other will be soon as well. Having both units always at about the same age also helps you keep up with when they need to start being considered for replacement.

Is There a Best Time of Year To Replace an HVAC System?

In Massachusetts, there definitely is an off-season for using HVAC systems. This is typically in the middle of spring and in the middle of fall, times when you usually aren’t running your units much, if at all. Late spring and early fall frequently have summer-like conditions, and early spring and late fall often feel as though they’re just straight out of winter here.

If, then, you think it’s time to replace an HVAC system, there are a number of good reasons to replace it during the off-season if you can:

  • Installing a new air conditioning system can mean being without AC or heat for a few days. During the summer or winter, that could leave everyone pretty miserable during that time span, especially in a home that doesn’t have a lot of fans or excellent ventilation. If you have to go without heat or AC for a few days in the off-season, that typically isn’t going to be a really big deal unless we’re experiencing a run of unusually hot or cold weather for the time of year.
  • Because it’s the off-season, the HVAC company you call won’t be as busy as they are during summer and winter when they’re in high demand for repairs. This means they might be able to get out to you sooner.
  • Also, due to the reduced demand, you might get lower pricing during the off-season.
  • Yet another benefit for you related to lower demand in the off-season: you may find more manufacturer incentives since business is slower.
  • Finally, by having your new unit installed ahead of the heat or cold, you won’t have to worry so much about needing a repair during those seasons.

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